The Future of the Smartphone Screen

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POB-IMG-051513-SAMSUNG-SCREEN-01Can you remember the scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise is standing in front of a large transparent curved screen using gestures to interact with an amazing display? If you haven’t seen this film, check out the image to the left.

Of late, off the movie screen and closer to home, Samsung and their new GALAXY S4 appear to be leading the way when it comes to these revolutionary features. This phone is so advanced that it uses your eyes to control the screen and swiping your hand over the screen to answer a phone call. Most of you will be familiar with the latest from Samsung, so today we bring you the future of the smartphone screens – flexible screens.

POB-IMG-051513-SAMSUNG-SCREEN-02This is not a new concept, these screens have been around since the 1960’s but the use of a flexible screen in smartphones and tablets could be just around the corner. Samsung showed how they could use a thin layer of OLED’s over a flexible surface to create a Windows Phone prototype that was on display at CES2013. To me this is amazing! Just imagine… you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging the glass on your screen you could just fold your phone up and pop it in your bag without a care in the world.

POB-IMG-051513-SAMSUNG-SCREEN-03A fully flexible screen is a great idea but this means there is no support in the screen for you to use it as a touch screen,  imagine how frustrated you would get if your screen kept moving away from you every time you touched it. Samsung has identified this problem and they seem to be focusing on creating a foldable screen which starts out as a smartphone but folds out to become a tablet. Now this sounds more like it, making the tablet experience much safer as it will now fit in your pocket. As always if you are worried about breaking your devices check out the range of trusted protective cases from OtterBox.

Apart from the development of Samsung’s flexible screens they are also looking into incorporating the same OLED technology into their solid phones by creating curved screens that can offer the user a much more interactive experience. At CES2013 Samsung also displayed how they could wrap the screen around the edge to allow the user to view incoming calls and texts along the side of the phone even when there is a cover over the front screen. Could they go one step further and offer a full wrap around screen that could be interacted with from the front and the back?

We are really excited to see these new screens come to life soon. The technology in movies doesn’t seem that farfetched any more with innovative companies like Samsung pushing the boundaries to offer their customers the best experience possible.  What technology would you like to see become a reality?

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