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Finding the perfect holiday gift is a challenge. There are new toys on the market at every turn, and unending technological releases and updates can be difficult to keep up with. Not to mention the barrage of ads, promotions, commercials … yikes. There has to be a way to keep it simple and make it personal.

I have a suggestion – something for everyone

While I wouldn’t consider my family especially tech savvy, we all have particular devices that we covet and rely on. Here’s what I’m going to do: personalize the tech my family already loves. OtterBox offers “Build Your Own” case options for a number of devices. With the ability to choose color and style, I know I can find protective gifts to fit their phones and characters.

Big brother and his lady friend recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4—fanciest phones they’ve ever owned. While I’m sure they’re (trying to be) delicate with these, I’m going to help make them last. For my brother, definitely a Defender Series case. He’s tough on things—including his sister—and a black and yellow color scheme will let him rep his Iowa Hawkeyes at all times. Lady friend, then, is definitely a Commuter Series gal. Purple and aqua blue. It’s more svelte and smooth and fashion forward, just like her.

For Dad

For my dad, something classic and subtle, and definitely sleek. I’m going with the Commuter Series for iPhone 5/5s in gunmetal grey and black. Grey hints at understated personality while black keeps it classy.

For Mom

Mom gets something purely fun: iPhone 4/4S Defender Series in teal and pink. It may look a bit like cotton candy, but she and I always seem to find that sugary treat when we adventure together.

For Siblings

Now, those little brothers that have one—or two—of everything. They’re identical twins, yes, but their phone cases could help reflect how individual they are. The attorney will have the Samsung Galaxy S3 Defender Series in stone white and lake blue. It’s professional and will keep him looking refined, especially paired with that coat and tie. For the lifelong student it will be grey and glow green. Brilliant without being too flashy.


All that’s left to shop for is shiny wrapping paper and a ridiculous bow or several.

If you’re looking for a personalized gift idea or two, don’t miss the “Build Your Own” OtterBox case options.

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