The iPad mini – Is this it?

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Despite the big iPhone 5 launch, rumors are still flying around about the much anticipated iPad mini. This week we found some great information we’d like to share. recently made claims that they currently have a real mockup or dummy of the supposed iPad mini. They recently published a video that is “a world-exclusive, hands-on video with the new iPad mini dummy model bought from an electronics market in China. While this dummy doesn’t function it does give us some hints and ideas as to what the new iPad mini will feature once launched.”

From what it looks like, the mockup is very detailed down to the new connector port. The bottom of the device is very similar to the new iPhone 5 with the new speaker style and smaller Lightning dock connector. A major difference is that the headphone jack on the iPad mini mockup remains atop the device, along with the lock button.  The mockup device also shows a thinner bezel than the regular iPad and features what looks like the inclusion of a cellular radio.
Whether or not this mock up is legitimate or not is really anyone’s guess.

Some bloggers are anticipating an October announcement with a November release date but we shall see. For more info on the rumored iPad mini, visit our rumors page!


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