The iPad mini might be coming soon!

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This one is going to be short and sweet. There haven’t been many rumors but there are two huge bits of news that were uncovered in the past few days. Early on Tuesday supposed photos were leaked, showing off an alleged black iPad mini with 3G support. These images were unearthed just a day after Fortune reported that Apple will be sending out invitations to an event next Wednesday, Oct. 10. This event is believed to be focused on the iPad mini. If this is true and Apple sticks with it’s typical routine, we could possibly see an iPad mini on Oct. 17. Here’s the math: Apply typically makes announcements on Wednesdays. Add this to the fact that the announcement will be made during prime time for the approaching holiday season and that’s an equation of awesomeness. While Apple has made no claims of a new, smaller version of the iPad we are all expecting it to be here within the next 30 days.

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