The iPhone 5 camp out – Mission complete

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As the excitement starts to wear down here in Manhattan, NY our Otters are saddened knowing that we have to leave the big city. While camping out we ran in to some friends that we made last year and met some great people who love Apple as much as we do.  Sharing in the excitement of the new iPhone 5 release we were able to secure a spot right in front of the Apple store on 5th Ave where we set up an OtterBox tent complete with case samples and enthusiastic Otters. We were happy to share information and show off our new iPhone 5 cases to the hundreds of New Yorkers passing by throughout the night and early morning. After spending 4 days and 4 nights on 5th Ave. we have seen quite a bit, some fun and some weird, but one thing is obvious – people love the iPhone 5.

Fans were lined up for over a week in front of the store to be the first to receive this hot new device. OtterBox has been part of a few of these camp outs so we know how hard it can be to be away from the comforts of home. Because of this we ran the Protect Me service where campers could post a tweet on Twitter using the hashtag #protectme along with what they needed. Our OtterBox “Protectors” tried their best to fulfill the needs, running around New York city looking for items ranging from nail files and milk shakes to kale chips and sushi. Those in line were ecstatic to have a few items of luxury and necessity to get them through the night. But the bottom line is this; the iPhone 5 is here. And it’s awesome.

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