The Islanders Compete in GB Row 2013 with Help From Armor Series

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Have you ever dreamed of doing something truly magnificent? Meet the Islanders, who have not only dreamed of doing something amazing but they are merely four days away from attempting the GB ROW Challenge 2013 “the toughest rowing race in the world.” These guys don’t only intend on completing this race they are hoping to beat the world record of 26 days 21 hours and 14 minutes to earn a bonus prize of £100,000 for their charities. We Otters love nothing more than a determined group of people driven towards an equal goal which is why we are very proud to sponsor The Islanders.


The GB Row is the world’s toughest rowing race; more people have walked on the moon than rowed the circumference of Great Britain.

The race begins at 8:15 a.m. on the June 1, 2013. The teams will depart from the Royal Naval Reserve Station on the north bank of the river Thames and row non-stop for 2,000 miles around the circumference of Great Britain. As the guys couldn’t possibly all stay awake for 26 days they will take turns and row for two hours on and two hours off. Trying to catch up on some hard earned z’s during these two hours will be extremely difficult in a cramped rowing boat out at sea. We really admire their determination.

Meet the team

This team is comprised of four outstanding athletes who have become interlinked through their love of water sports and their determination to complete any challenge set ahead of them.

Team medic: Alan Morgan

Team navigator: Josh Taylor

Team engineer: James Plumley

Team finance manager: Gavin Sheehan

Alan and Josh grew up on Mersea a small island off the east coast of Great Britain. The two childhood friends are not limited by negativity — they were once told that it was impossible to swim 22km unassisted around Mersea. Well these two guys took this as a challenge and completed the so-called impossible. James who is from Guernsey shares the team’s love for adventure and has completed many gruelling challenges including canoeing 300km off the Loire in France. Gavin was born in Ireland and has rowed for his country on more than one occasion but he came across the team when he travelled to the UK for University and was drawn to the three lads through their competitive nature.

POB-IMG-052913-ISLANDERS-CHALLENGE-3The Islanders and the Armor Series

Bringing a smartphone on a boat can be a daunting experience as there are a huge number of dangers awaiting this precious technology at sea. Between general drops and bumps to accidentally falling overboard the smartphone has definitely drawn the short straw. This is why the team turned to OtterBox to help them protect their essential devices with the Armor Series.

Smartphones allow the team to record time spits and talk to coaches while out on the water. Without OtterBox The Islanders would have had to leave their devices at home and bear the gruelling 26 days with only each other for company. Could you manage without access to your phone for 26 days?



We are delighted to sponsor this determined team and we wish them the best throughout their challenge. We will be in contact with The Islanders as they are out at sea and we will keep you up-to-date on the race through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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