The iPhone 5 – Anticipation turns to gratification

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The wait is over! Today Apple announced the new iPhone 5 and it’s awesome! If you didn’t know, we have been following the rumors being spun around the web. There has been a lot of speculation around this device with rumors ranging from mild to outrageous. The new device will be available for preorder on 9/14 and will be available on 9/21. And guess what…we will ship out Commuter Series and Defender Series iPhone 5 cases that same day! Check out the list of rumors and find out whether or not they panned out.

Smaller SIM card: True! The iPhone 5 will use a nano-SIM card which is smaller than the micro-SIM.

Larger screen: True! The iPhone 5 will feature a 4″ display with 326 pixels per inch. The new display will have 44% more color saturation than the iPhone 4S.

Thinner Design: True! The iPhone 5 is just 7.6mm thin making it 18% smaller than the iPhone 4S and 20% lighter.

Smaller 9-pin connector: True! The new dock connector is much smaller. The connector can be plugged in either way. Manufacturers like Bose are already working on accessories for the new connector and there will be a “Lightning” adapter so you can still use your old 30 pin plug.

Partnership with BING: False. No announcement was made.

A6 chip: True! the A6 chip features a 2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics. “The A6 chip is so power efficient, it gives you increased performance and uses less battery life.” – Bob Mansfield

Loss of YouTube: False. The app will still be available but it won’t be included in iOS 6.

Unibody design: True! The new device will be made entirely of glass and aluminum.

4G LTE: True! The iPhone 5 will feature LTE technology. “LTE can be faster than the fastest wifi at home,” says Bob Mansfield.

Other news:

  • Nothing was announced regarding an iPad Mini. If any more info is made available we will keep everyone in the loop!
  • iOS 6 will feature some great additions to the iPhone family. You can find these updates in our OS update blog from last month.
  • iTunes has been revamped giving you great features like Facebook sharing and cloud functionality in a simpler design. The new iTunes will be available in late October.
  • The iPod Nano has been revamped to include 30 hours of playback time, bluetooth technology, widescreen video and an FM tuner that you can pause.
  • The iPod Touch is getting an update which will feature retina display and an A5 chip. iSight camera is going to be built into the Touch for the first time. It’s 5 megapixel, with autofocus, flash and Sapphire lens. The Touch will also give you 40 hours of playback time and Siri! It’s basically the iPhone 5 – without the phone, a slightly slower chip, and a slightly smaller megapixel camera.

We are excited to announce that we have Commuter Series and Defender Series iPhone 5 cases available for preorder and they will ship the same day as the product release, 9/21/2012. What are you most excited about? Share in the comments below!

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