The new iPhone 5 – The heat is on!

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It’s no secret that Apple tries to be the best at everything. The assumption that the new iPhone 5 will be the fastest device to date is probably not far off. A good amount of the top smartphones have added quad-core processors to their spec sheets and it will be no surprise if Apple adds this to their list as well. A few sources out there have reported that the new iPhone 5 will have an A6 CPU to make it lightning fast. Rumors also report that the device will be 4G LTE, the wireless standard offered by providers that increases download speeds.

Photos leaked by a Chinese USB cable-design company allegedly show the new iPhone’s power cord and a smaller dock connector that is way off from what Apple has stuck with for all previous designs. Of course nobody can say for sure that a new docking design will exist, rumors, industry insiders and even an accidental Apple Store leak have all but confirmed a downsized docking cord of some kind, which leads me to believe that the new iPhone will be much thinner than it’s predecessors. The smaller dock also would make room for larger speakers at the bottom of the phone, making it easier for Siri to understand your commands.

As always we will have to wait to see exactly what Apple has up their sleeve. If you’d like to stay in the know on new iPhone news around the web, check back for updates on our new iPhone rumor page.

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