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I love to make lists. I’ve got Post-its in my purse, on my fridge, on my desk, everywhere, covered with lists of things I need to remember. As I’m fond of saying my memory is just as great as Dory the fish. I’m also seriously old-school and love to take handwritten notes, which also helps my memory.

When I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with its S Pen and Galaxy Gear, I was VERY intrigued. It’s enticing as a high tech set of gadgets that could fulfill my every list-making and note-taking desire. But as the Galaxy Note 3 is bigger, you’ll definitely want to make sure you protect it with an OtterBox. It might take you a little while to get used to how it feels compared to the smaller devices.


Inside the Note 3

Exploring what’s interesting about the Galaxy Note 3 the vibrant 5.7” display tops the list. Images and video are bright and clear and I’ve never seen such clear text. The Note 3 comes in a 32GB or 64 GB version and runs on Android Jelly Bean.

The battery life of this larger device is also one Samsung should be proud of. I also like that even though it is a big device measuring in at 6 inches long by 3.1 inches wide, the Note 3 is very thin and light. It doesn’t feel like too much to handle at all.

The camera is stellar with its industry-leading 13 MP and LED flash. It even has a 2MP front-facing camera for those occasional selfies.


A look at the outside

The back of the Note 3 has a cool textured surface and faux stitching that is reminiscent of my old notebooks and planners.

This device on its own is incredible, but there is even more to it. The Note 3 comes with an S Pen stylus that tucks neatly away at the bottom of the device. And it works seamlessly with the Galaxy Gear wrist gadget.

It’s the stylus that really strikes my fancy. I can write lists to my heart’s desire, use Air Command and store them away or turn them into tasks. Action Memo allows me to write anywhere on the screen, move the window, minimize it and relaunch it easily every time I need to add to my lists.


Cool features

I’m also really into the Scrapbook feature. As one who is addicted to Facebook, but also who never has any time to view all the cool videos and articles my friends post, Scrapbook is the perfect tool. I can circle the area of the video or article, save it into categories and have it for enjoying later.

Taking calls on such a large device is something we’ve joked about around the office, but with hearing as bad as mine, I don’t mind the larger device at all. For those who like to seriously streamline things the Galaxy Gear is perfect for answering and making calls right on your wrist. It’s totally Star Trek in real life and I love it.

After a close look at this trio of technology, it’s everything you could want in a note-taking gadget and I see a future for myself without Post-its and paper tablets. Now I just need to find out how soon I can upgrade my device.

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