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At OtterBox, we focus on premier design and ideal form, fit and function for the ultimate smartphone experience. Our mission is PROTECTION and the Pursuit Series is a poster child for that mission. This new series is the premium dry box solution for adaptability in outdoor pursuits. With the Pursuit Series we’ve created the industry’s only 100% waterproof box allowing you to keep your focus on what really matters, the adventure.

The Pursuit Series comes in a variety of sizes and features a compound latch that will help to keep your gear safe and dry. We’ve even included some internal cushioning to protect against impact and tether loops to make it easy to carry and lock. The Pursuit Series allows you to chase all of life’s adventures with the confidence that your gear is safe from water exposure.


Excited about this new series, I went around the office and asked some Otters, “how would you use the Pursuit Series?” This is how they answered.

“I would use it while snorkeling. I could also use it when I’m snowshoeing or skiing.” – Jessi Q., Email Marketing Specialist

“I could store my valuables in it while boating.” – Tyler M., Customer Service Rep

“I would store perishables in it on my camping trips.” – Danny T., Email Marketing Specialist

“I would use it as a first aid/survival kit. It would keep all of my supplies dry.” Deland C., Email Marketing Lead

“I would take it out with me when I go backpacking.” Andrew B., Web Designer

“I’m an angler so I would use it as a mini tackle box that I can take into the water with me. I can also use it to store my key fob.” – Eric S., Web Designer

For more info on our reinvented dry box, head over to the Pursuits page. So now you tell me. How would YOU use the Pursuit Series?


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