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14 months ago Colorado native, Linda Crowder’s world was completely flipped upside down when she found a lump during a self exam. She had found lumps in past but this one stood out. Linda had a bad feeling about this one and went to her doctor. An ultrasound was ordered and she immediately knew that this was a bad situation. After the ultrasound and a needle biopsy Linda was told that she had breast cancer. “It knocks the wind out of you. It’s not something you think will ever happen to you,” said Linda when asked about her response to this news.

After a whirlwind of finding surgeons and oncologists Linda started her journey to recovery, struggling through six rounds of chemo and a year of targeted therapies used to stop the growth of cancer cells. Just when she thought she wanted to quit one of two amazing chemo nurses told her “This is no time to quit … just dig your heels in and finish.” Through the support of her friends, family, nurses and faith, Linda is now finishing treatment and getting her life back on track. With only one more treatment at the end of October, she is very excited to get back to her volunteer duties as a counselor for pregnant women. Linda advises all women to be proactive and conduct regular self-exams. “Be aware of your body. You want to see your children and grandchildren grow up, graduate, get married. The sooner you find out the better.”

Linda was chosen by OtterBox and the Pink Ribbon Survivors Network in Longmont, Colo. to watch the Denver Broncos battle the New Orleans Saints in the “Otter Box,” a VIP game-time experience. She will also be a part of the halftime show, which will honor all survivors in attendance during the Denver Broncos Breast Cancer Awareness Month game.

Before kickoff, OtterBox plans to promote the message of “Strength in Numbers” and the unshakable power born when a group of individuals come together with a common goal; represented during a tailgate set up on the south side of the stadium. On display for the true orange and blue Broncos fan, OtterBox will showcase the limited edition Defender Series style case with Denver team colors, available exclusively on

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