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There isn’t much time in my life where absolute silence surrounds me. Whether at work, home, or the car, I typically have a soundtrack going on in the background. Now you are probably saying to yourself, as you read this, “This guy seems pretty cool and awesome, and I want to know what music he is listening to so that I can be cool and awesome too! ” Well, I have complied a list of my top 5 songs right now, and what it is that makes them great. Click on any of the links to listen to the songs in Spotify.

Young The Giant Album Cover

Cough Syrup by Young the Giant

You probably know this band better by their song My Body, but just slightly deeper into the album is this gem. The meaning can be up to your interpretation, but I find it to be about the process of finding the coping mechanisms that you need in your life. I don’t think they are telling you to literally abuse cough syrup to mask the pain or issues in your life (and I’m begging you not to either), but rather find the ways to make you feel happy, in the midst of your daily struggle. Regardless of the meaning, it is a great, catchy song that you will want to listen to all day!

Ships in the Night by Mat KearneyMat Kearney Young Love Album

This is one of the artists that I respect the most for his work. He started with heartfelt songs mixing acoustic singer/song-writer and hip-hop, then transitioned to a more “pure” songwriting, and I believe he has found a perfect balance of all these genres on his 4th studio album Young Love. Ships in the Night is a relationship story, the struggle but the benefit of being with your significant other and pulling through the hardships together. The blend of beats, lyrics, rap, and message puts this song on my everyday playlist!

Hang by Matchbox TwentyMatchbox Twenty - Yourself or Someone Like You

Ok, so this is an old song. Like, some of you probably weren’t born before it came out old. But it is an amazing song! I have been following the band’s tweets while recording their new album (which I also cannot wait for) and this song just keeps asking me to play it! Listen to song, really hear the lyrics, and feel the soul that is behind it. Lots of artists just don’t put their heart into songs like this anymore!

My Racing Thoughts by Jack’s MannequinJacks Mannequin - People and Things

On their 3rd album, Jack’s Mannequin has produced a great mix of heartfelt songs and foot tapping melodies. On My Racing Thoughts, the lyrics tell the story of a girl who, against all odds still understands what you’re thinking, even when you can’t express them yourself. I believe that it’s a song about a great relationship, regardless of whether it is about love or friendship. She’s an inspiration, and a comforting companion. Enjoy!

Mean by Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift - Speak Now

I’m going to take some flack for this, but hear me out. First, she is my guilty pleasure artist of choice. But more than that, this song is about the critics who try to pull her down and tear her music apart. But then what happens? She wins TWO Grammys for it! “There’s really no feeling quite like writing a song about someone who’s really mean to you, and someone who completely hates you and makes your life miserable – and then winning a Grammy for it,” she said on stage. Add that to the fact that it’s just an all around catchy song, it makes the list.

Well that’s the list for now, but stay tuned next month for my next top 5 songs, and feel free to leave your comments, recommendations, or criticisms below. Happy listening!

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