The Studio Collection Artist Spotlight – Evan Mann

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Evan Mann is a Colorado based artist who works with drawing, printmaking, sculpture, installation and video. Influenced by artists such as Sara Sze, Tara Donovan, Oliver Vernon and Matthew Barney, he creates otherworldly scenarios and environments that explore the metaphysical and mysterious aspects of reality. He goes great lengths to exercise his imagination as he grapples with themes related to faith, life, death, love and God.

“The work on the Surreal OtterBox cases are my imaginings of metaphysical spaces, the imagery depicts the manifestation of invisible worlds and phenomena beyond the limitations of our physical senses. My hope is for these spatial landscapes to act as imaginative nourishment that feed the mystery of reality.”

For more info on Evan, head over to

To check out more of Evan’s work check out his website or head over to the Studio Collection page.

Evan is now working on a project funded through Kickstarter. He is proposing to produce an experimental video, and will be selling his artwork and screen-printed t-shirts to fund the project; supporters can pledge any amount.  For mor info on the project, head over to

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