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iLife Suite for iOS is finally complete! Apple recently introduced iPhoto to our beloved iPhones and iPads, in addition to providing major updates to iMovie and the ever-popular GarageBand.

I took one for the team (;-), bought, installed and thoroughly enjoyed playing around with all the new features. Here’s my take on the photo-genius and rockin’ new magic from Apple:

Number 1: Apple added iPhoto for widespread use on your portable Apple devices. After using it extensively with my own Camera Roll favorites, I can confirm that it is a must-have app if you do any photo editing on your iPhone or iPad. It’s very easy to use (the first thing I tried was the Auto-Enhance ‘wand icon’ and abracadabra, it INSTANTLY brightened and boosted my iPhone pic. This is a  feature-rich program. You can use the tool palate to “spot treat” areas in the photo if you need to darken, lighten, sharpen, soften, saturate, fix red-eyes or repair just a small section of a picture! All in all, iPhoto is definitely worth the $4.99 that the app costs.

Number 2: The revision of iMovie is awesome. This app is a great and handy way to create short films or trailers without a computer. The football template I made for my son turned out really good without really doing anything but tapping a few buttons. If you go to edit anything of length, make sure to use the OSX version.  (And, be wary of the space limitations on the flash memory in an iPhone or iPad.) The cost of this app (also $4.99) is likewise a good investment for anyone with a budding aspiration for Hollywood-like home video intros, chapter menus and screen credits.

Number 3: A revised GarageBand! With this rockin’ app you can jam like a pro band! For example, you can have a jam session with three other friends and record and share it with everyone. The app offers guitars, drums and keyboards to mix with. Now this seems geared more toward kids and teenagers, but it is pretty fun to play around with no matter your age. With the great feature of smart instruments, everyone will actually be in the same tune, not sure how much you will learn about playing music this way, but it will sound like you’re a pro. You can also save songs to iCloud and sync with all your devices. Even my nine-year-old loved playing around with the new GarageBand and rocking out on the iPad guitar. When he first used it, he created a short song with multiple tracks and played it back for me in 20 min…enough said — it’s crazy easy.

So thanks to Apple, we now have access to these awesome Apple apps – right in the palm of our hands. Channel your inner photographer or rocker and get down to being a self-made pro with the newly revised iLife Suite.

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