The Top 5 Weirdest Summer Camps

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When most people think of summer camp, certain things come to mind: canoeing, roasting marshmallows for S’mores by the fire, doing rope courses or jumping on the Blob (Heavyweights anyone?). But how about swimming with sharks or working on a sustainable farm without electricity? Here is a list of the top five weirdest summer camps that actually exist.

1. Hollywood Stunt Camp

Hollywood Stunt Camp, from Pali Adventures Camp, transforms you into a “world-class stunt action hero.” Here you learn skills like hand-to-hand combat, swordplay, parkour and ‘safely’ jumping from buildings.

 Stunt Photo

2. Plantation Camp

At Plantation Camp, kids learn how to work on an actual farm — completely unplugged. Campers choose from over 50 activities like horseback riding, kayaking, making candles and going on beach hikes. But, they must also do chores related to farm life like caring for the animals and the land.

3. JurrasiCamp

Jurassic World is definitely the biggest film this summer, so why not have your kids experience the real Jurassic Period at JurrasiCamp? At JurrasiCamp, kids act like real paleontologists by making model T-Rexes and digging up real fossils.

 Dino Camo

4. Fiji Shark Camp

Who wouldn’t want to go to Fiji for a summer? At Fiji Shark Camp, students scuba dive with sharks, learn and study all the different types of aquatic species and aid in the conservation of sharks worldwide.

5. High Explosives Camp

Yes, this camp, offered by the Missouri University of Science and Technology is exactly what it sounds like. Any high school junior or senior that wants to pursue a career in explosives should apply to Explosives Summer Camp. This camp teaches students how to handle materials such as fireworks, dynamite and even C4.

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