The Watch is Back, Smarter Than Ever

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There’s no doubt that technology is incredibly helpful for so many things in life, but the explosion of wearable tech brings the possibilities to a whole different level. There are already rings, glasses, ear pieces, gloves and my personal favorite – smart watches.

Let’s face it — watches are in. Even the ones that just tell you the time. Smart watches kick it up a notch with so much diverse functionality that sometimes it’s hard to know which one is for you. Here are just a few of the smart watches that are available today with their distinguishing features:

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung was early to the market with their Galaxy Gear, which is compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and Tab 10.1 and definitely set the bar high with broad functionality. If rumors are true there may be Galaxy Gear announced with the Galaxy S 5 from Samsung in the near future. The Samsung smart watch is very appealing because of its high resolution camera, integrated phone, spoken command functionality and notification settings. This smart watch contains a pedometer, auto lock functionality to secure your phone, volume controls for your music, hands free calls and so much more. Also, with typical use the battery will need to be recharged every 25 hours.

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Pebble watches

Pebble has a lot of things going for them, for one that their watches are compatible with Android and iOS, the battery life for these watches is longer than others and they’re developing their own Pebble appstore. Their appstore is going to have 500+ apps available at launch. Pebble watches also work for 5-7 days without needing a recharge and now offer both leather and metal straps with their latest smart watch, Steel, which was just unveiled at CES 2014. Their watches have customizable notification settings, functionality with a wide array of apps, music control and fitness tracking capabilities.


There are lots of smart watches in the fitness category and many of them are getting quite niche. The fitbit is a great smart watch that’s fitness focused and appeals to a broad range of people. There are 4 different versions of the fitbit available, with varying degrees of features. All of them can track your activity but the most advanced one tracks your activity, logs your food intake, monitors your weight, measures your sleep and syncs to a Mac or a PC. The more advanced fitbits offer a silent alarm feature that vibrates on your wrist so your partner doesn’t get disturbed. The battery life of fitbit’s vary depending on which model you buy, but most of them feature rechargeable batteries.



Filip is a smart watch for kids, so that they can call their parents with one touch and also so their parents can call them. With the Filip app, you can program five phone numbers to your child’s Filip. Then your child can easily scroll through the five numbers and locate the one they’d like to call. It’s made for kids from the ages of five to 11 and also has functionality so that the parents can locate the Filip at any time and set an alarm when the fitbit enters a safezone. It’s kid-proof and water resistant, but isn’t waterproof. The battery is designed to last for up to two days without recharging.

These are just a few of the smart watches available today. Both Razer and LG have smart watches coming out in the first half of 2014 that were announced at CES earlier this month. There’s a lot of speculation surrounding if and when Apple will announce a smart watch, but one thing is for certain — the wearable tech segment is booming and we can’t wait to see what innovations 2014 brings.

What are your feelings on wearable tech? What type is the most appealing to you?

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