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If you haven’t tried Google’s “tour guide” feature yet then take a break from whatever you’re doing now and go download Google Earth (7.0) on your Android or iOS device or desktop computer.

With the recent additions of over 100,000 new tours spread across more than 200 countries, your dream of becoming a world traveler on a shoe-string budget just became a reality. Now you can travel to Sydney, Australia while at work in Omaha or Johannesburg, South Africa while in the library in Oklahoma City or even Rome, Italy while in a cab ride to LAX.

Google tour guide allows you to virtually visit these world landmarks with a 3D flyby, Wikipedia articles and user generated photos of the surrounding area. I’m not promising this will quench your travel thirst but it will help you bear the last few weeks of cold weather until travel season comes and you can get out and enjoy the beautiful sites of this planet we call Earth.

Check out the video from Google and tell us where you dream of going in the comments below.

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