Time to Start Fresh! Tips for How to Spring Clean your Phone

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The weather is getting gorgeous, the flowers are starting to bloom and the birds are chirping. Spring is almost here and you know what that means: finally coming to terms with how messy things got over winter. Yes, it’s spring-cleaning time and we’re just as excited as you are!

In the spirit of starting fresh this spring, we’ve assembled a few tips for you to clean up your mobile device:


 Delete Unwanted Apps

Remember that game your best friend told you to download and you hated it? Yeah, that stupid game you forgot about until now is just sitting there taking up memory. Delete that sucker and move on with your life!


Install Some Cleaning Apps

If you have a lot of apps on your phone, it’s tedious and time-consuming to go through each one-by-one to optimize your phone. For Android users, the Clean Master app gives you a list of caches and data that you might want to delete. It also lets you schedule reminders to clear your cache based on time and data size. For iOS users, PhoneClean is the most efficient way to clean up your phone. Running on Windows or Mac OS, plug in your iPhone and get a list of potential junk files to delete.


Change Location Permissions

You may not want apps poking in and knowing where you are at all times. But if you have allowed one too many apps to access your locations, it may be slowing down your phone — or in worst-case scenarios — invading your privacy. Go through your list of apps that use location services and change these permissions.


Delete Unnecessary Contacts

As much as you love that old Chinese restaurant that closed its doors a while back, you should probably lay that number to rest and delete the contact from your address book. Go through your address book and toss out the contacts you have no use for that are taking up valuable space.


Monitor Push Notifications

When you download a new app, push notifications happen without you even noticing it. (They certainly are pushy!) For apps that you use often, these notifications are certainly handy. For the more frustrating apps, go into your app settings and turn off push notification permissions and save your sanity.


Back Up Your Photos

Photos are one of our most precious items in our mobile phones. Depending on your phone’s memory, you may have hundreds — even thousands — of photos at your disposal. These photos are taking up a large amount of space that could otherwise be used for music, apps or whatever your heart desires. Upload those pictures to your computer’s hard drive or a cloud service (Dropbox, SpiderOak) and unclog your cherished space!


Clear Your Cache

Just like a computer, your phone has a cache. For Android users, download an app called, Aptly, the App Cache Cleaner. It gets rid of all of your cached files and frees up memory you have been missing out on. For iPhone users, just go to “Settings” for any browsers you use on your device and hit “clear cache”. You’re cache-free!


Optimize Your Battery

Saving your battery and running it at its most optimal level gives your phone a breath of fresh air. Without all the unnecessary things dragging you down, your phone is capable of things you never thought possible. In case you missed it, check out our blog about our favorite battery saving apps here.


Stop Background Refreshers

Many apps on your phone have a setting called “background app refresh” or “background source refresh” that allows apps to keep pulling in new data while open in the background. When apps are allowed to do this it eats up your data and memory. Check which apps have permission to do this under your app settings —turn the permissions off at your own discretion.



After your phone is clean and ready for the next adventure, be sure to keep your device safe with a case from OtterBox.com!




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