To Get in the Game, You Need to Get in the Water

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Spring has finally made its presence known after a long harsh winter. For most, spring is a time to pack away the long sleeve shirts, down jacket and beanies and time to break out the sandals, shorts and sleeveless t-shirts that have not seen the light of day over the last six months.

For a small group of Fly Fishing fanatics across the world, spring is also a time to regroup, prepare and ensure you are ready for the long season ahead.

Getting Prepared

The first step to a productive Fly Fishing season is being prepared to give your gear a solid spring-cleaning.

Waders are at the core of your equipment needs. The most expensive rod in the industry is not going to do much if you are stuck fishing from the bank. In order to get in the game, you need to get in the water. Now is the time to give your waders a good inspection and patch all holes if possible. If your waders are not going to make it through another season, then it is time to pony up for that new pair you have been eyeing over the years. The wet wading season is still a few months away, so now is the time to make sure your waders are up for the challenge.

Now that winter is a fading memory, it is time to pack away those size 22 Midge flies and make way for the big bugs. With the warming water and rising rivers, we will be fishing Salmon flies, Skwala flies, Golden Stones, Green Drakes and Caddis flies before you know it. Make room in your boxes for plenty of the meaty options because — as we all know — you will lose many flies to the hungry bushes that line the river bank.



Tackle is another important aspect of your gear to give a good once over. Stock up on fresh tippet spools, clean your fly lines and make sure your boots are in decent shape so you are safe to navigate the raging rivers in your area. If you like to cross to the dark side, now is also the time to make sure you are stocked up on split shot and those silly Thingamabobbers that you never want to admit you actually use. Make sure your gear is complete so you do not find yourself out of luck the next time you hit the water.

Fly Fishing Technology

Another area to consider is protecting your technology. Like most anglers, I rely on my smartphone to provide me the INTEL I need. Checking weather info and fishing reports helps me hit the water when the fishing is good. My smartphone is always on-hand and ready to capture photos of that fish of a lifetime. This is why I always carry my iPhone in my OtterBox Preserver Series case. The waterproof Preserver Series case has saved my iPhone from more than one dunk in the river.

Spring Fly Fishing is some of the best action of the year. Be prepared and well protected so you can enjoy your adventure.

See you on the water.

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