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Being a new dad is without a doubt the best, yet most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Fortunately for me, and many other new dads, there are ton of helpful apps that can make the day-to-day a bit easier. Here are a few of the apps that I found to be most helpful in the first few months of fatherhood:


Babytracker (Android)

This app was an absolute lifesaver the first few weeks of my son’s life. Lack of sleep along with all the stressors and excitement of having a new baby had stripped away all of my organization or time management abilities. Babytracker not only gives you the ability to track each feeding to make sure mom and baby are on schedule, but you can even track the messier details as well. As the description says “Track and monitor ALL aspects of your baby’s growth and development.” You can also sync tracking between devices so mom and dad can take turns keeping tabs on baby.


QuizUP (iOS)

An unlikely candidate for a new dad, but an important one. Through the first week or two our new “bundle of joy” was anything but and seemed to have no issue staying awake at all hours. We, on the other hand, were struggling to keep our eyes open. QuizUP was the only thing keeping us awake and alert in the wee hours. With over 250,000 questions and 450 topics there’s plenty to keep you up while the bouncing baby nurses for the millionth time that night.


WhiteNoise (iOS)

We googled every parenting tip and trick available before our son was born — one of the more consistent messages was that newborns enjoy sounds that replicate the womb. As we have come to learn, that sounds pretty much like white noise. After a few unsuccessful trial runs with specialized infant noise apps, we finally found an app that did the trick. WhiteNoise has 10+ perfectly looped noises which can actually run throughout the night. We found this really helps both the baby, and surprisingly ourselves, sleep through the night.


As always, all of our devices are protected with an OtterBox. Personally I use the Preserver Series to help keep my phone dry in those messier situations.

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