Top 5 Trends from SXSW Interactive

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Another SXSW Interactive is over and in the books. Didn’t get a chance to attend this year? Don’t worry about it! Here are the top five things to know so that you have something to talk about around the water cooler this week:


Live Streaming App ‘Meerkat’ Ruled

Yes, we all know meerkats are adorable animals, but what exactly is the Meerkat app? Meerkat is an app that allows anyone to live-stream an event and automatically integrate it with Twitter. Although this app only launched about two weeks ago, it has recently blown up, as evidenced by it surpassing 100,000 users during SXSWi.


Wearable Tech was Huge

The Apple Watch isn’t the only wearable tech gaining attention. SXSWi had a whole panel this year, titled “The Emperor’s New Wearables,” which examined the rise of the wearable tech phenomenon. Wearable tech is the next wave in fashion — from wristwatches to tech-embedded fabric. Could you imagine a jacket that senses your body temperature then converting from a light jacket to a heavy one?



The Internet of Things is a Thing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new concept; however, new technologies are making it more of a reality. IoT refers to interconnected technologies all working together and communicating with each other. This year, SXSW attendees relied heavily on the iBeacon technology, which allowed conference goers to locate people with similar interests and discover relevant speakers attending certain events.


Robots Will Rule the World

Three words for you: Robot. Petting. Zoo. That’s right, this year SXSW had a Robot Petting Zoo letting attendees touch, operate and even program robots. There were also multiple panels on the future of at-home robot technology — think Rosie from the Jetsons. Are you ready for the rise of the machines?


BBQ is still King in Texas

Who says you can’t combine science and meat? General Electric did just that by setting up a 12-foot tall, sensor-laden smoker and a BBQ tasting room called Brain on BBQ. Tasters wore headbands that tracked how their brainwaves changed when eating different types of BBQ. GE hoped to find what mechanisms determined the nuances of flavor. Now, where do I sign up?





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