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Not only is technology there to enhance your personal life, but nowadays you can also use technology to enhance your pet’s life as well. In honor of Bring Your Dog to Work Day, founded by Pet Sitters International in 1999, we are highlighting some of the top technology to help make your pet’s life more enjoyable.

Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell

Does your dog scratch at the door or bark/whine to be let inside or out? If so, this is the prefect tech for you and your pup. This wireless doorbell is designed for use with your furry friend in mind. Simply train your four-legged friend to press the yellow receiver with their nose when they need to be let in or out. And a sound will emit any time the receiver is pressed, letting you know their whereabouts at all times.

Dyson Groom Tool

Do you have a furry pet that sheds and leaves a mess of hair in their wake? Are you constantly vacuuming up pet hair and dander? If this sounds familiar, the Dyson Groom Tool is what you need. Simply attach this tool to your existing Dyson vacuum and go to work snatching up hair directly from the source!


Have you considered tracking your pet’s health? With the FitBark now you can. The FitBark not only tracks your dog’s daily physical activity, but it also compiles all the info into a neat dashboard for you to review and monitor. Also use this with your pet’s care provider for deeper insights into your pet’s overall health.

Tagg Pet Tracker

Are you looking for more than an activity tracker for your pup? Well then, the Tagg Pet Tracker is right up your alley. This tech not only monitors your pup’s daily physical activity, but it also monitors its surroundings — like outdoor temperatures and GPS locations. If your pup is a frequent escape artist, signup to receive alerts that let you know when your pup is “off grid”, plus, receive exact GPS coordinates of their location.


GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher

Could your pup play fetch all day? If so, the GoDogGo Fetch Machine keeps your pup busy even when your arm tires out. Simply train your pup to drop the ball into the “catcher,” and away the ball flies for another round of fetch. Set a timer for continuous play, or use the remote control for use only when you want.


Do you have an overeater? Do you work long hours and oftentimes forget to feed Fido? Petnet’s SmartFeeder allows you to feed your pet more regularly and consistently. This device not only provides your pet with the proper proportions of food, based on their weight, but it also monitors the food levels and will automatically re-order food when you are low. You can schedule feeding times or remotely feed your pet from your smartphone.


This tech allows you to watch, even play with, your pet using your Android or Apple smartphone while you are away. It comes in a sleek 4x4x4 aluminum housing including a 2-way speaker for communication. A 138-degree wide-angle camera is used for viewing and a built-in laser pointer allows you to play with your pet while away as well.


Do you find yourself thinking of your pet while you’re away at work or on vacation? Now you can have face time with your pet to check in using PetChatz, the 2-way video conferencing system. Simply mount it to your wall outlet, and when you decide to check in with your furry friend, you can even reward them with treats at your command.

Petzen Dog Treadmill

Do you live somewhere with less-than-ideal weather for exercising outdoors? If so, you need the Petzen motorized dog treadmill for exercising your dog anywhere and in any weather. It even comes in three convenient sizes so you get the one that’s best for your pup’s size.


Whether or not you are participating in Bring Your Dog to Work Day, be sure your mobile devices are well protected when out playing fetch with your furry friend with OtterBox protection. Available here.

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