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We’re almost there! Just hours to go before the votes are counted. Say goodbye to the political ads and hello to United State’s next four years. If you are dying to watch the polls but don’t have the time to sit in front of your tv for hours on end, pick up these election day apps and watch the votes roll in.


TPM Media’s PollTracker App provides users with an essential tool to track the 2012 Election in real time – from the presidential race to each and every congressional contest. With optimized charts and averages, PollTracker 2012 follows important swing states, provides key voter group information (independents, gender breakdown, voter subgroups) and offers specific detailed candidate data. PollTracker also keeps track of key referenda throughout the country. A presidential dashboard allows users to program specific polling preferences.

PollTracker charts new political terrain with an up-to-the-minute mobile application that offers statistics and comprehensive analysis, aggregating all available poll data in real time. Polling power in the palm of the hand. Results are presented in bold graphic form to show how races are trending and coupled with independent, impartial analysis on why those results matter. Available for iOS.

New York Times Election 2012

The New York Times Election 2012 app is the one-stop destination for politics news.

Follow the day’s must-read political stories as they unfold throughout the day, with handpicked, up-to-the-moment coverage from around the Web and the complete New York Times political report. Plus, get the latest polling numbers, state-by-state projections, candidate bios and live election results at your fingertips.

The app is free to download and all readers can access the top six news stories.

New York Times subscribers* with smartphone apps included in their subscription get unlimited access to the app.

The app features an all-new Top News section, specifically designed for following the 2012 election on your phone:
• The section is anchored by The Times’s world-class political coverage but also includes content from around the Web, curated by our editors.
• News is grouped by topic for a quick overview of the day’s political headlines.
• The latest stories are highlighted with a red dot so you can see what’s new at a glance.

The Election Guide includes:
• A database of polling results from a variety of organizations
• Candidate pages with updates, bios and statistics
• A primary calendar with in-depth information on each state
• Live election results

The app also offers:
• Editorials, Op-Eds and blog posts from The Times’s Opinion Pages
• Videos and slide shows from the campaign trail

* Readers with a + Smartphone Apps subscription or an All Digital Access subscription can unlock all features. Available for iOS & Android.

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