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With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner I thought I’d dig up some authentic Irish recipes to celebrate. Most years we cook up Corned Beef with cabbage and carrots. I was thinking about making Shepherd’s Pie this year, but got to wondering what other recipes I haven’t tried yet that might be good to celebrate Irish cuisine.

As I started scanning recipes I stumbled upon a hidden theme. A lot of the recipes include alcoholic beverages as key ingredients. Since this holiday seems be one where much imbibing takes place, I thought I’d focus on all the recipes I could find that fit this theme.

To begin this culinary exploration of Irish recipes that contain alcohol there is Beef Stew with Ale. This sounds hearty and really good and having tossed many a pint of stout into my homemade pots of chili, probably has a nice tangy flavor added to it from the lager.

Then I found Irish Pound Cake. With both butter and sour cream it sounds amazing. When I hit upon the “hint of Irish Whiskey” noted in the ingredients list it sounded even more tasty than I first imagined it. So far here in Colorado a pound cake is the one item that I just cannot make well. I’ve tried a number of pound cake recipes and they either bubble over the edges of the pan to cover the bottom of my oven or sink dramatically in the middle. I’m intrigued to try this recipe to see if it might work. The inclusion of the cream cheese might be working to my advantage.

I came across Guinness Corned Beef and think if we continue our usual tradition this year, I will use this recipe for certain.

The Original Irish Cream recipe is for a drink, but looks too irresistible not to include.

And now I’ve found an even better version of Corned Beef and Carrots that includes a marmalade-whiskey glaze. I bet that glaze would be awesome on chicken too so I don’t have to wait for St. Pat’s to come around before I get to enjoy it again.

Chocolate Stout Brownies have to be awesome. I’ve got a recipe for Kahlua brownies that is great and using Guinness must make these an incredible chocolate treat.

I absolutely love mustard and Guinness Mustard will soon be on my favorites list.

I totally have to include this one even though it doesn’t use any alcoholic beverages because I absolutely love Colcannon. Golden Colcannon Pie sounds like twice baked potatoes of a sort. The recipe doesn’t include a crust. I’m thinking I might try it with a pie crust as a variation.

I was about to wrap it up and then found the Irish Cheddar and Stout Fondue recipe. How can that not be amazing? And, wow do I love Irish cheddar cheese. It’s a complete splurge, but I pick it up at the store occasionally. I like it slice by slice, but it’s also great shredded and melted in my cheesy grits recipe.

One more dessert that sounds irresistible, Guinness Stout Ginger Cake. Gingerbread is one of my favorites served with freshly whipped cream or a nice, big scoop of vanilla ice cream. My kids even like it though they tell me it’s a bit spicy for a cake.

As the sign prominently displayed in our office, given to us by our design counterpart in Ireland says, “Slainte.” Have a great and safe time on March 17.

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