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Have you ever traveled to Glenwood Springs? If not, I’d highly recommend planning a vacation! Glenwood captures all the best parts about small Colorado mountain towns.

Glenwood is praised for its amazing Hanging Lake, but they also have a lot more to offer, such as hot springs, rafting and the Glenwood Caverns. Still, I don’t want to downplay how beautiful Hanging Lake is… so if you get the time make sure to add it to you to-do list!




Charles W. Darrow discovered the Glenwood Caverns after hearing a ‘whistle’ noise coming from the mountains. In 1895, he opened the newly found caves to the public up until 1917. Fast-forward to 1999, and Steve and Jeanne Beckley reopened the caves, while making some amazing expansions.

After riding up a gondola to the top of the mountain, you have to choose what to do first. There is a miniature amusement park with several different thrill rides such as: the Alpine Coaster, Cliffhanger Roller Coaster, Glenwood Canyon Flyer, Soaring Eagle Zip Ride and more! Not to mention two amazing cave tours. We were lucky enough to have, in my opinion, the best tour guides possible. Both were very knowledgeable and were energetic to educate us about the caves.

You learn about stalagmites (grow up to the ceiling), stalactites (grow from the ceiling down) and other cave terminology. They have renovated a section of one of the caves to look like it would have originally, complete with a version of Edison’s first light bulb. It was an awesome experience to reflect on how far we’ve come!





During the cave tours, the guides give you a mesmerizing light show. And, did you know that it takes 5,000 years for the stalagmites and stalactites to grow 1 inch?

With plenty of hidden rooms and tunnels, there are some spectacular sights that are only visible by going through the caves — giving a breathtaking view of Glenwood and Glenwood Canyon!




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