Twitter has gone to the Dogs … no really, your dog can tweet

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Remember how ingenious you thought it was when pet stores started selling cool gadgets for your pets, like the continuously running water fountains, or the nifty collars for dogs that give them a good shock when they break the parameter boundaries of the lawn? Well, in keeping with the forward momentum of the technological push, pet nerds all over the world are rushing to buy the latest and greatest in pet technology. And you won’t believe the things out there!

Have you ever wondered what your puppy would Tweet if he could talk? Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure this new device was created for those “special” dog owners; you know, the ones that drive around with their pooch in their lap and share water glasses. For those of you wondering if I’m serious, oh yeah, it’s real alright! Puppy Tweets is the latest in communication sharing for your pets. That’s right. Your dog can now have its own Twitter account. This device attaches to your dog’s collar, and from there, you and your canine companion are in business. In all seriousness, I believe this device is designed to add some humor to your life; at least that’s what I hope. With tweets such as, “Bark … and the whole neighborhood barks with you!” and “You at lunch? Remember the two most beautiful words in the English language: DOGGIE BAG!” there just HAS to be a certain amount of entertainment value to this. And if for nothing else, Puppy Tweets lets you know that your pet is still alive!

Now here’s a question: do you ever wonder if your PAID dog walker actually walks your dog? I don’t know about you, but I sometimes wonder if my dog walker is actually raiding the fridge while my adoring dog anxiously anticipates a nice walk, only to be disappointed by a lazy dog walker. Well, worry no longer! There is a new mobile program that offers pet owners peace of mind that their furry friends are, in fact, being walked. It even tells the exact distance their pets cover. This program, Pet Check Technology, allows pet owners to receive real-time email alerts when the pet walker scans in, and it also has GPS tracking technology to ensure Buster is getting a decent amount of exercise. The pet owner is able to track the exact route and know whether or not their money is being spent wisely.

And now, let’s talk dog doodoo, or better yet, cat shadooby. The immediate thought that rushes to the mind is universal: worst smell ever! You all know what I’m talking about. It can literally trigger your gag reflex and burn all the hairs in your nose. So what if you have one of those elitist dogs or cats that simply cannot stand the smell of their own filth? You guessed it! There’s a gadget for that too! Let me introduce the Ionic Air Purifying Collar, your pet’s gateway to fresh air, no matter what backside they might be sniffing. Apparently, this handy device will purify the air and neutralize the smell for your fickle friend. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure when I see a dog in the dog park circling around another dog as it drops its duty, it’s not trying to build a barrier around the treasure in the hopes of blocking out its stench. Clearly, this concept leaves a door open for debate.

Whether it’s for your pet’s health and well-being or for your own entertainment and peace of mind, there’s something out there for every pet owner. Things such as the Tread Wheel and the innovation of animal prosthetics are continuing to push the thinking of how we can better take care of those four-legged creatures we love. Ultimately, it’s the time we spend rolling around on the floor, throwing the ball, teasing with the laser pen, or just soft pets to the head that truly make our pets happy. Anything less and you shouldn’t be a pet owner in the first place.





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