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Nice job, Twitter! The social media platform recently changed the way you upload videos and view images on your mobile device. And it’s awesome.

Native Video Uploads

To upload video to Twitter you used to have to use a third party app, like Vine or Twitvid. Now videos can be uploaded directly from your camera roll. Here’s a great — not to mention hilarious — example from OtterBox:

Also, you can now capture, edit and share videos right in the Twitter app!

Twitter’s in-app mobile camera is pretty basic and simply captures one long or several short clips. The editing tool — which can be used for new videos or those you’ve uploaded from your camera roll — is very straightforward. It allows you to delete the clips you don’t like, rearrange clips and shorten videos to the desired length. It will look a little something like this:




Full Images

It looks as if a brand new Twitter feature has started rolling out: full-sized image viewing. Traditionally, images in your Twitter feed appear as a cropped rectangle, which can awkwardly crop the picture. Now you’ll be able to see the full picture — that means a full view of the cat wearing a Harry Potter costume, the whole I-just-got-engaged-look-at-the-ring-on-my-finger photo, and the entire #ThrowbackThursday picture of you in your awkward 80s crimped hair, side ponytail phase. The possibilities are endless. Check out how much better they look:




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