Want to Start A Garden? What You Need to Know

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The idea of gardening can be daunting, some may think that you need a yard, or a lot of yard to grow food. It’s not the case! Gardening is incredibly rewarding whether you’re just growing herbs and plants in a few pots on the porch or have a lot of land to work with. But, I warn you – it can be addicting!

Lots of things like lettuce, radishes and carrots can be planted directly into the soil – other plants, like tomatoes and tomatillos, depending on the length of your growing season, may be best to plant larger plants rather than starting from seeds.

Find your zone:

There are many theories of gardening, but what’s really important is that you grow plants that will work with your climate. You can find out what zone you’re in on a variety of websites, but here’s a good one for you. When looking for seeds you can tell by the back of the seed packet or on plants by the tag if they are appropriate for your zone.

For small spaces:

Also, depending on what type of space you’re planning for your garden, you may look into different planting techniques. For smaller spaces, square foot gardening is absolutely brilliant. It pairs up plants according to their root sizes in a complimentary fashion, for example you could, within one square foot of dirt, plant a zucchini plant in the middle and surround it with spinach or beets which don’t need that much root space.

Container gardening is also a great way to garden – you can have all sorts of lettuce, herbs, radishes and more in pots. Container gardens are very adaptable, you can grow on a balcony, patio or indoors. Arguably the best thing about container gardening is that you don’t have to pull weeds like you do with larger gardens. Another advantage is that some plants like mint tend to take over in a large garden, while you can easily control these in a container.

For large spaces:

Tilling and planting rows comes in handy for harvesting, weeding and taking care of the plants because you can easily access them. Make sure to mound up the center of your row when planting so that the plant drains properly after watering. Plants that need more room like tomatoes, corn, peppers, pumpkins, squash and beans do well in rows.

I love gardening and hope this inspires you to grow something this season. Whatever you do, share your success on your social networks and make sure you get a Preserver Series phone case from OtterBox.com so you can have your phone in the garden with you and not worry about using it with your dirt covered fingers.


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