Watch it wiggle, watch it jiggle…

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I’ve been thinking about Jello. The kids picked out some snack packs of Jello for their lunches the other day at the store and it got me to thinking about all these crazy Jello salads my grandma used to make.

I remember her really liking the green Jello for her creations. One had pineapple and cottage cheese. Another had flaked coconut and mandarin oranges. Another had shredded carrots and raisins. I think another had sunflower seeds. All with the green Jello. She didn’t go for any of the molds. She just used a 9×13 clear glass pan and cut it into squares to serve. I can’t believe we all survived the casserole era.

I actually don’t know why my kids picked Jello for their snack packs. I’ve made it for them a couple times and they really didn’t like it. They kind of took a bite or two and didn’t want anything else to do with it. I don’t get it. I could sit down with the whole bowl and eat it in one sitting. I’d regret it later, but I would enjoy eating it at the time.

The kids want to make Jello at home now. I’m thinking we can fill all our tiny plastic containers with lids to make our own snack packs and I could drop in little surprises into each. But what to drop in? They’d probably not be happy with nuts or raisins or olives. I might be able to get away with maraschino cherries, mandarin orange slices or grapes. Hmmm, I wonder what else is hiding in my cupboards that could make this fun? Chocolate chips will obviously be a hit. I’m off to explore and experiment with this wiggly favorite treat from my childhood. Plain, that is. Not how my grandma made it.

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