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The Defender Series with iON Intelligence marks the start of our journey at OtterBox into new, uncharted territory … extremely fierce, unique, innovative and totally awesome territory at that.

We work in an industry that is constantly changing. New products are regularly introduced, smartphone capabilities continue to advance and our customers want to be more connected than ever. While the market continues to change, we wanted to be sure that one thing remained constant: premium products from OtterBox that you can trust.

You’ve trusted to us protect your phone — now you can trust us to give you a power case that not only protects, but also provides smart, seamless power. Enter iON Intelligence …

The Defender Series with iON Intelligence is the first intelligent power solution for mobile technology. This is the only case that fuses premium protection and two times power capacity with a smart and seamless power management app called iON Intelligence.

Now, we could go on-and-on about the protection piece. But if you’re reading this blog, you are probably pretty well versed in the OtterBox protection story.

What we really want to highlight in this post is the iON Intelligence app. Here are just a few of the innovative features of the first app ever from OtterBox:

  • iON Intelligence monitors the state of your phone and case while predicting the amount of battery life remaining in both
  • The software is a learning application that incorporates current and historical power usage
  • Over time, iON Intelligence learns about power usage patterns and improves its accuracy — the more it’s used, the better it gets
  • This app estimates battery power and predicts battery time remaining by monitoring your phone-usage habits
  • Two viewing screen variations eliminate guesswork by clearly displaying the power status for both your case and your phone
  • Many different factors are incorporated to create the most accurate, personalized power profile possible
  • Best of all, this app is FREE

Pretty sweet, huh?

You can download the app one of two ways:

The first, and recommended, way is buy the Defender Series with iON Intelligence case first. Do this here. While the app is fully functional without the Defender Series with iON Intelligence case, we believe that iON Intelligence is at its most innovative, industry-defying state when interacting with the case.

Once you have the product, watch for the initial welcome message to appear on your phone’s screen when the phone and the case are first engaged. Follow the instructions to download the free iON Intelligence app from the Apple App Store.

The second method is to download the app by searching for “iON Intelligence Battery App” on the Apple App Store.

You’ve got all that, right? If not, no worries — you can always watch the installation and product feature videos on the OtterBoxTV YouTube channel.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the case and/or download the app. Then tell us all about your experience with it in the comments below.

You won’t regret it — trust us on this one.

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