Green Monday – A Monday to Look Forward to

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You may be wondering “What is Green Monday?” Green Monday is the second Monday in December and one of the most popular shopping days in the holiday season. The term Green Monday started with eBay who originally used it to describe their best sales day during the month of December. It’s sort of round three of holiday shopping days after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For consumers who missed out on those Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, this is your chance as more and more retailers want to attract shoppers with hefty discounts.



For all the last minute shoppers out there

If you’re anything like me and are just now realizing that you only have two or three of the items on your lengthy holiday to-do list crossed off – Green Monday is for you. I, of course, am blaming my procrastination on the calendar this year. Since Thanksgiving was at the very end of November, it so rudely took away 6 days of my preparation time – almost an entire week! So, my goal is to get organized and show my to-do list who’s boss and take advantage of the deals on Green Monday.

This year Green Monday is a little more than two weeks before the big day; so take a look at your list now, decide what you need and do some research. I’ll pay for expedited shipping if I have to, but want to get things ordered early to avoid that extra expense.

We’ve got some great Green Monday deals of our own on including 10% off site-wide, 25% off dry boxes, and 50% off of select cases for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.

You can search sites like, and many more to see what discounts and promotions retailers are offering. It’s rumored that Walmart is bringing back its 5 top-selling Black Friday items for Green Monday with Amazon and other retailers competing for consumer dollars.

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