What will the next Samsung Galaxy S be?

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SG4_Whats Coming

The invitations have been sent. And the speculators are going wild. Will it be the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S IV? Will it improve upon the S3? Will the screen be larger and have better display vibrancy? How much awesomeness can one device have?

Well if you ask the experts, quite a bit. Check out this compilation of rumors and speculations from around the Internet:

  • Eweek speculates on ten features.
  • Gizmodo’s got a long list of expectations and wishes for the new device.
  • CNET’s got its own roundup of the rumors.
  • Expert Reviews out of the UK puts their list of expectations out there for all of us to ruminate over.

Fortunately we don’t have to be patient for too long before we get to learn what this new device has in store for us. The big unveiling is scheduled to take place in New York City on March 14.

What features would you like to see on the next greatest Android device? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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