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OtterBox Reflex Series

If you ask any Otter employee why they rock a certain OtterBox case, they’ll give you a whole list of reasons why they love their case and feel as if it was made for them.

That’s the beauty of OtterBox, we have a protective case out there all sorts of lifestyles — busy, connected, fun, adventurous, low-maintenance, high-maintenance, rugged, hectic, technology driven, extreme and the list goes on.

And while Otters love and appreciate all of our protective case options, the Reflex Series is the most popular case among OtterBox employees.

I could go on and on telling you how great I think the Reflex Series is, but it figured it would be a lot more interesting coming straight from the Otters:

“Reflex Series rocks! My music lives on my phone, and I need music to live … so when I need to rock out to some tunes, it’s easy to pop off the bottom of a Reflex Series and dock my phone into a speaker system!” Melissa, Internal Communications Specialist

“Both my daughter and I rock the Reflex Series case. We both love it for its thin design that slips in and out of our purses and the transparent look that shows off our devices. My daughter has dropped hers over 20 times (sometimes deliberately to show off to her friends) and her phone remains unscathed.” Kim, Digital Solutions Manager

“It’s easy to put on, take off, slim design, cool colors.”Mike, Graphic/Motion Designer

“I love the Reflex Series because it shows off my white iPhone with vibrant, transparent colors and a sleek design. The air pockets in the corners have saved my phone on many occasions. I’m prone to being clumsy and have dropped my phone multiple times with this case and it has prevented damage each time!” – Allison, Brand Planner

“We use Spotify most of the time we listen to music at home. Easy ‘dockability’ is the main reason I use Reflex Series.” –
Rick, Lead Graphic Designer

“I love the look and feel of the case, its slick and grabs your attention. The design of the case is different from any of the other series we carry and many of the other phone case I’ve seen. This type of transparent case is also very unique to OtterBox. The ease of taking the case on and off is definitely one of the reasons this case is superior. You simply slide the bottom of the case on and off for docking as many times as you need with no damage to the case. And did I mention the colors? My favorite is the Pink Translucent top mixed with a Glacier Blue Translucent base for my iPhone 4S.” – Jessi, Loyalty Marketing Specialist

“I have a dock at home that I charge it on and it is SOOO much easier to take off this case then any of the others!” – Katherine, Graphic Design Intern

“I love the Reflex Series case, because of its sleekness, durability and unique design.” –Brooke, Customer Service Representative

“I prefer the Reflex Series because it is our slimmest case (and I use a large Galaxy S3).  It is easy to take on and off if I want to show off the device. The absence of the plugs make it much easier to charge, use headphones and connect to my car stereo. I love the Reflex Series!” – Nick, Market Research Analyst

“It is the lightest, slimmest and easiest to install (and remove) OtterBox case.” Heather, Packaging/Graphic Designer

“I love it because it is slimmer than the Defender Series but still has great drop protection (I know because I drop it at least once a week). I also like the look of it better than any other case we make. It does not have the port covers that tend to annoy me and I also like the better access to my screen.” – Anonymous Engineering Otter

You want a deceptively protective case with less pocket lint? You get the Reflex Series.” Jonson, Change Order Specialist

 So, a few of us have told you why we love the Reflex Series. I challenge you to rock the Reflex Series for a few weeks and let us know what you think. Check out the Reflex Series web page or YouTube video to learn more about this innovative case.


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