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If you missed it, we had quite a giveaway going on during SXSW a few weeks ago. We announced Donald B. from Austin, TX as our winner of $3,000 in photo, video and audio equipment from B&H Online. We asked Donald about his past projects, future projects and a little bit about himself:

What brought you to SXSW? What were you looking forward to this time?

Donald: Since this is my first SXSW with my production company, I was looking forward to filming bands and just being out. As far as shooting (film), we got booked to shoot Chicken Ranch Records’ SXSW showcase and on the line up were these two bands from Japan, Plander Z and Electric Ell Shock. We also were booked to shoot local artist, MC, Poet, Martial Artist and Street Nerd Da’Shade Moonbeam’s showcase.  His music can be found at dashademuzik.com.  I also looked forward to working with Red Bull again this year; dancing on the stage with my group BBOY CITY at the 3 Style event they throw (I’m a professional B BOY/ Breakdancer). This year we got to share the stage with Erika Badu and Nas along with a bunch of DJ’s.

What did you get out of the event?

Donald: I got to meet and work with a lot of people that hopefully I will get to work with in the near future. Oh yeah, and a $3,000 dollar shopping spree for film equipment.

What inspired you to enter the OtterBox giveaway?

Donald: Well my friend Black Mamba of Boycott Magazine sent me to the site to find out where you were going to be at to go see/battle the dancers. Yes, I said battle. I saw the giveaway and thought “I need that money,”  but I’m never gonna win it. Yeah… I was wrong about that.

What type of equipment do you plan on buying?

Donald: Cameras, lenses, mounts, computer parts, batteries, and chips.

What are you going to do with the new equipment?

Donald: Finish my film projects, start new projects, shoot video, film and photography.

What types of projects are you most interested in?

Donald: Well, since I am an action/fight choreographer, I say anything with action, stuff blowing up, car chases, swords and guns. You know, stuff like that.

What is your most recent film/photo project?

Donald: I’m still putting content out there from SXSW so by the time this gets out I’ll have probably 3-4 more videos to post at www.spinningshellproductions.com. As far as big film projects F.A.C.E Project Teaser was last thing I worked on. As for photo projects, we are working on putting together an art show and dance party. I can’t really tell you what it’s about but subject matter is Reality’s Warrior.

It sounds like Donald will be putting his prize to great use and we can’t wait to see what’s next from Spinning Shell Productions!

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