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Our family only recently joined the modern technological age, when we got our first iPhone, iPad and mini iPad last year. As soon as we did, I knew we needed to protect them, because we have sons who monopolize every gadget we own. We actually got the iPads to entertain them so they wouldn’t play with (read: delete apps and change phone numbers on) my iPhone, but somehow they still manage to multitask with with both iPads, my iPhone and the TV remote all at once (and they are only ten months and 3 years old).

It’s incredible how many people crack the screen on their iPhone or iPad within weeks of getting it, and these are always folks who didn’t invest in a quality protective case right away. I didn’t know which cases to get, but my husband did. He has a friend who thought a great way to make use of his outdated iPhone 3 was to drop it out of a second floor window and see if the OtterBox Defender case enclosing it would protect it as well as promised. It did, and thus my husband’s insistence that we would get (and only get) OtterBox Defender cases forever more.

I now have an OtterBox Defender case for everything and think everyone should. Why?

10. They’ve passed the unofficial 20 foot drop test (and that was onto cement).

9. They are water and baby saliva resistant (my ten month old kindly tested this out).

8. They protect what they enclose whether you drop it, throw it, step on it, even jump on it (we must sound nuts by now, but yes, my sons have walked and jumped on their iPads).

7. The screen protector keeps the phone’s screen free from smudges and scratches, but it’s still very responsive (even with smudges on the OtterBox screen itself).

6. Have you heard of those “I had to wait two weeks for an appointment to order a new screen, which took another two weeks to come” stories? I have too, but it was never me, thanks to the OtterBox Defender.

5. They are available in various colors and patterns, including mix and match colors, from camo and neutrals to pinks and purples.

4. The iPad and iPad mini cases come with stands for handsfree use. I can read a recipe on the screen while I cook, and it protects the iPad from food splatters too. The iPhone case comes with a holster so you can clip it on your purse or belt.

3. They stand by their product (and will replace anything on the very rare occasion it’s not 100%).

2. They feel like armor, and they look terrific. The mini iPad OtterBox Defender case in blush is so pretty, just my style (and as the only girl in a house of guys and guy stuff, it’s fun to have feminine accessory options) and my iPhone is encased in a lovely midnight blue case- gorgeous!

1. No matter how much you beat it up, the case takes all the abuse. If you open it up, your phone or tablet is still shockingly pristine and brand new looking inside.

– Penelope Guzman

Founder/Blogger Penelope’s Oasis

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