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In this day and age, YouTube as a search engine is second only to Google. It’s estimated that by 2016, 55% of all online traffic will be video content. Let’s face it. We live in a highly visual world. Collectively, we are snapping, recording, sharing and viewing everything from photos, graphics, GIFs, and videos of every little detail of our daily lives. No matter the platform, we’re constantly telling a story. Sometimes these stories evoke an emotional response — giving one what is commonly known online as ‘the feels’. Sometimes these stories are just downright hilarious. Other times these stories simply say, “I’m drinking this overly-expensive latte as I pretend to do work in this hipster café (while in all actuality, I’m cruising Facebook).”

As we continue to consume information at an increasingly rapid pace, it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with all the various social platforms that are constantly popping up. Every network is created with a specific purpose in mind… Some are meant to enable. Some are meant to connect. And some are meant to explain. But, what happens when an app comes along with the sole purpose of creating and sharing short, impressionistic video scenes for your entertainment pleasure?

Enter Vine.

Shortly following its debut at the beginning of 2013, Vine was purchased by Twitter and has since ballooned to 40 million users and counting. With already more Vines shared than Instagram posts, and 5 Vines being retweeted every second, it’s no wonder why the app continues to be adopted by celebrities, musicians and everyday Joe’s alike. What’s great is it makes it effortless to post freshly made, or pre-recorded videos that tell your story. So how does it work? Well, we’re glad you asked…


Getting Started

After downloading the free app, you’re prompted to create an account either by email or through connecting to your Twitter account.

-From there you can find your friends, via the contacts on your phone or Twitter, by tapping on the +icon located in the top left-hand corner of the app’s interface. The smiley face icon at the top right-hand is where you access the messaging feature.

-Similar to Instagram, the bar across the bottom contains tabs to easily navigate between your home feed, exploring user profiles, posting, reading notifications and viewing your profile.

-The Explore tab is where you can view channel pages with topics such as Comedy, Music, News & Politics, or search trending hashtags, “Popular Now” or “On the Rise.”


Creating a Post

-To post, simply tap on the video record icon found in the middle of the bottom bar. From there you can upload and edit video already saved to your phone, or tap to shoot fresh video. Starting and stopping is as easy as holding your finger on the screen to record and letting go when you’re finished.



-To edit a video together: select the video you want to use and adjust the sliding bar to cut the clip to the exact frames you want to use.

  • If you haven’t used up the full 6 seconds you’re allotted, you can continue uploading and cutting clips together until you have. Any remaining capacity is shown by how much of a green bar is left at the top.
  • Aside from tools that help you to edit your pre-recorded video, there are also tools that are available to help you create better videos. These include: a front-facing camera, a grid tool to stabilize shooting, a focus button, and a ghost button to help transition more seamlessly between shots.


  • Once you have your video either edited or recorded your video, click on the arrow at the top to preview before posting or save it as a draft. If you decide you want to go back and change something, hit “Edit” and it will take you back so you can rearrange or delete clips in your timeline.
  • If you post right away, you’ll then have the option to include text and choose your “share” settings before publishing. Similar to other sites, you can tag friends and include hashtags within posts in order to join conversations or connect to others talking about the same things.


 Other tips

-Record audio with earphones using a built-in mic for better audio quality.

-Use a tri-pod! There’s nothing worse than shaky video, and you can easily find relatively lightweight, inexpensive ones made for your phone.

-Use the ghost feature for stop motion videos.

-Pay attention to which hashtags are most used within other user’s videos so others can find you. Common trending ones include: #magic, #StopMotion, #loop and #AllNaturalVines

-Get creative, and include materials around you as like action figures, Legos, and other crafting tools such as clay, string, etc.

-Interact with other users to learn new techniques.

-Have fun with it! Vine is all about light-hearted entertainment, so the more fun you have with it the better off you’ll be. Who knows, you might even become Vine famous!


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