With Great Power, Comes A Great Warranty – Defender Series w/iON Intelligence

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The Defender Series with iON Intelligence has been out and making it mark on the technology world for a little over three weeks now. We hope you’ve received your case and have been able to experience the power of Defender Series with iON Intelligence. How do you like it?

Every time we launch new products into the market, we take careful note to the types of questions and feedback we are receiving from customers. A common question we have been seeing with this OtterBox case launch is this: “Why is the Defender Series with iON Intelligence warranty policy different than your traditional warranty policy?”

Now, if you know OtterBox, you know that we have a killer one-year warranty policy — we believe in and stand behind our products. We have an unparalleled customer service team equipped to solve issues and help. In these aspects, the Defender Series with iON Intelligence warranty is no different.

‘Creating a Perfect Union of Hardware and Software’

However, the Defender Series with iON Intelligence warranty policy does have a few slight modifications, including requests from our customer service team to receive a bit more up-front information from our customers initiating a warranty or returns claim. Plus, when dealing with lithium ion batteries, there are certain regulations we are required by law to follow when shipping replacement components.

The reality is this: The Defender Series with iON Intelligence is not just a protective case — it is the first intelligent power solution we’ve made for mobile technology, creating a perfect union of hardware and software. The technology and materials used to develop this product are much more complex, which is why we identified the need to require a more in-depth warranty process.

By requiring more up-front information from our customers, we are able to maintain our stringent quality standards and better understand where issues exist in order to address things we can improve upon.

As our products continue to innovate and grow, it is important that we have systems in place to support these new innovative products and the evolution of OtterBox.

The Defender Series w/iON Intelligence – Warranty Specifics



To download the quick guide to the Defender Series with iON Intelligence warranty and returns information, click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment box below.

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