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I missed our last newsletter planning meeting and had a huge laugh when I found my name on the list to write about performance food for athletes. I’m the farthest from athletic performance eating you can get. Ok, not as far as Paula Deen, but close since I have a great collection of her recipes in my repertoire. But, what the heck, I absolutely love Olympic athletes and watching the Olympics, so I decided to look at this as another opportunity to further admire and learn more about these world-class athletes and what it’s like to eat for top performance.

In my initial searching I came across this article, “10 Ways to Eat Like an Olympian.” It is very thorough and a good read. Even for my piddly efforts at trying to jog on a regular basis, some of the points covered here are good advice for me too.

A search for ‘nutrition for athletes’ turned up this article from our local university, CSU, “Nutrition for the Athlete.” It’s a compact article filled with good information and a great resources list at the end.

More searching uncovered a “Nutrition Guide for the Athlete” that is more light information and fun details than a hardcore training regimen might require. But it might be a great place for us uber-athlete-wannabes to start.

How Olympic Athletes get their Fuel” is interesting and entertaining for its take on extremes.

3 winning recipes fit for an Olympic champion” is a quick little article with three actual recipes to try.

With all these details and special care an athlete needs to pay attention to for their diet alone, I sure hope they all have great coaches to help manage everything. I can’t imagine how the three athletes we are following are able to manage nutrition and training regimes along with their full-time jobs and families. It just makes me admire Olympic athletes even more and marvel at their commitment and dedication to what it takes to be competitive at that level.

Obviously, I’m not an expert in performance nutrition, but taking a peek into a different world of eating was a really interesting exploration

I wish every contender all the best in the trials later this month in my old college town, Eugene, Ore. also known as Track Town, U.S.A.!! Let the games begin.

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